By Adi Gaskell

With COVID-19 forcing many of our habits and behaviors to fundamentally change, it has underwritten extensive and profound digital transformation of life. We now work remotely, consult our doctor via telemedicine, use apps to monitor our movements, and consume a dizzying array of online content. It should perhaps come as no surprise, therefore, that a recent report from DellEMC views digital transformation as crucial to the recovery of businesses after COVID.

“Prior to recent disruption, the pace of transformation was lagging — making the imperative to transform in recent months even more challenging,” the report says. …

by George Krasadakis

George Krasadakis is the author of ‘The Innovation Mode’ and a hands-on Technology & Innovation Leader and Corporate Advisor on Innovation & Technology. He has more than two decades of experience in tech startups, big-technology companies, and consulting firms -including Microsoft and Accenture’s Global Center for Innovation. George has extensive experience in innovation leadership — he has architected various innovation frameworks, set up innovation labs, designed and built ideation systems, established digital prototyping teams, and architected large-scale innovation gamification programs. His expertise spans digital product development, software engineering, data science, and innovation leadership. He has filed more…

By Markus Pauly

To get from A to B we often use a modal mix of transportation. So far, this modal split was mainly driven by planes, trains, buses, and where possible, ferries. In the short-haul range, bicycles, or e-scooters should also be mentioned. Mobility will change fundamentally in the years to come, especially post-pandemic.

Sustainability requirements, new technologies, and urban development are just a few impacts. Innovative transportation concepts like urban air mobility could play a future role in intelligent and efficient multi-modal transportation concepts.

Does a game changer come into play with air taxis?

It can be observed…

By Jonne Kuyt

Henk Jan Gerzee is a digital leader, transformer, and tech innovator with 25+ years of international experience in the consumer goods, information and aviation industries. He believes in creating value through values, for all stakeholders. He is passionate about applying data and technology throughout the value chain, from innovation, to operations, to selling and marketing, to hiring and retaining talent. He embraces change, as the world will never move slower than today. With a strong purpose and his digital lens, he builds winning teams to transform businesses to digital leaders. …

by Markus Pauly

A farmer went to the market and purchased a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage. On his way home, he came to the bank of a river where he rented a boat. To cross the river, the farmer could only carry himself and a single one of his purchases. The classic ‘wolf, goat, and cabbage problem’ can be solved, and all will get home. But what about the Mallorca problem?

After a long complicated year of corona, cravings are at an all-time high for a sunny beach getaway. Spain is one of the most visited countries globally…

By Adi Gaskell

The pandemic has provided us with the opportunity to reflect on our decisions and question the extent to which we actually need to travel. With work across the globe moving online we are moved to reassess the real necessity behind our travel choices.

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg triggered a phenomenon after she travelled to the UN Climate Summit by ferry, taking her two weeks. Activist groups such as extinction rebellion and greenpeace hopped on the bandwagon acting as a driving force behind the concept of flight shaming.

This recent emerging trend has even been given a name…

Matt Crisp has over 20 years of experience across mobility businesses, focusing on simplifying complex things. He’s highlighted how we can center innovation and ideas around people, the passenger, and the individual throughout his career. He’s also a frequent advocate for sustainability within cities, having worked on shifting society’s perception to adapting more sustainable and planet-friendly choices. We discussed how we could place passengers at the forefront of our minds while regaining their trust as people start to travel once again.

Let’s start with an overview of your career so far…

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in a variety of industries. I started in global FMCG brands and then moved…

by Anne Van Diepen

This month will be a year since we went into the first lockdown here in the Netherlands. It can be said that Covid-19 keeps transforming our world more and more every day. Travel, along with tourism, are two of the many sectors heavily impacted by the consequences of the pandemic, with government-mandated lockdowns bringing both industries to a halt. Forecasts suggest that within the travel industry the global interest rate won’t return to normal before 2025. So, how can airports adapt to the new normal to recover and stimulate growth? Airports must now start to re-evaluate…

Photo by Stephen McFadden on Unsplash

By Adi Gaskell

In the change management world, it’s often said that to ensure meaningful and lasting change often requires a “burning platform”. This is an event so severe that it jolts us from our habits and routines and literally forces us to do things differently. It’s probably fair to say that for our working life, Covid-19 represents just such a “burning platform”, with government mandates forcing many workplaces to shut and many workers to rapidly establish a home office.

Data from Transport for London show that traffic volumes on the underground fell to 5% of normal levels during the…

Photo by Chris Zhang on Unsplash

By Jonne Kuyt

Airports have long been resourceful in times of crisis and uncertainty. But unlike terrorism or natural phenomena, the world has little experience in dealing with global pandemics. We are witnessing, for the first time, an impact on the whole world. No existing playbook will tell us how to get passengers back in their seats safely. It will be challenging. The only upside is the opportunity to meet disruption with change.

The pandemic has introduced new regulations and restrictions for airport operations, commercial partners, and passengers. How do we avoid crowding and queuing while making sure people feel…


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