Is Flight Shaming taking off?

By Adi Gaskell

The pandemic has provided us with the opportunity to reflect on our decisions and question the extent to which we actually need to travel. With work across the globe moving online we are moved to reassess the real necessity behind our travel choices.

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg triggered a phenomenon after she travelled to the UN Climate Summit by ferry, taking her two weeks. Activist groups such as extinction rebellion and greenpeace hopped on the bandwagon acting as a driving force behind the concept of flight shaming.

This recent emerging trend has even been given a name. Originating from Sweden, flygskam, is the new slang for flight shaming. And with over ⅓ of passengers reporting considering flying less due to carbon emissions, the aviation industry needs to take a step back and consider what implication this could have on the future of flying.

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