Mad Men vs Math Men: An Expert Insight on the Importance of Dreaming Big

2 min readJun 4, 2021

By Jonne Kuyt

Henk Jan Gerzee is a digital leader, transformer, and tech innovator with 25+ years of international experience in the consumer goods, information and aviation industries. He believes in creating value through values, for all stakeholders. He is passionate about applying data and technology throughout the value chain, from innovation, to operations, to selling and marketing, to hiring and retaining talent. He embraces change, as the world will never move slower than today. With a strong purpose and his digital lens, he builds winning teams to transform businesses to digital leaders. As a member of the leadership team of the Royal Schiphol Group, Henk Jan led the transformation to become Europe’s best digital airport and is currently helping airports around the globe in their digital transformation.

We sat down to discuss why he believes it’s important for organisations to embrace uncertainty while dreaming big.

How would you define digital transformation?

‍I view digital transformation as a way of unlocking superpowers. It’s difficult to summarise it in one sentence, hence why so many definitions exist. But in my eyes, it’s a mixture of leveraging data and tech to discover new ways of working while transforming company culture.

‍Can you expand more on what these superpowers are? What is it that makes a power ‘super’?

‍The power is always there, but it only becomes ‘super’ once we truly understand how to utilise and turn data into accessible information. Superpowers are vital for both customers and employees. We have to give them the right information and ask the right questions to provide them with power. Things like data and technology can help us unlock these powers. The more actively we strive to discover superpowers, the easier it is to overcome increasingly complex challenges.

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